Lent Post #20: March Beauty/NonBeauty Favorites 2014

As a part of my Lenten devotion, I wanted to make more of an effort to use some of the products that I already had laying around in my apartment – a rediscovery of sorts – rather than constantly desiring things that I don’t have. Many of my favorite YouTubers make videos documenting their favorite beauty and non-beauty favorites each month as well as some misses, and so I thought that since I am blogging my way through Lent, I would do the same, especially since I have rediscovered some things within my own treasure trove that are definitely newfound loves! Bear in mind that I am by no means a beauty guru, even though I am getting sent products from influenster.com to test, and am being asked to blog, video and report back on certain products (from Rimmel London, Duck Tape, Skinny Cow, just to name a few). It has been an interesting blessing of sorts that I never expected would come out of this blog, my YouTube channel, and my twitter account, but God works in such funny ways, and connects people and things together in ways I never would have imagined. It has also brought about an awareness of the incredible consumer mindset present in American culture, and the tremendous and pressing desire for “more, more, MORE” among the young and old, myself included. It is especially prevalent among the YouTube beauty community, where “hauling” is a common practice, and videos flaunting excessive makeup, beauty and clothing collections are lets just say, not few and far between, even among ladies as young as eleven and twelve.

In the almost twelve months I’ve been involved in the online beauty community, I myself have accumulated quite a bit of makeup, but nothing quite like those whose videos I enjoy watching. In reaction to this, I decided to undertake a “no-makeup buy” project, or 40 days (or even more…) of enjoying and searching through what I have, rather than giving in to the consumer mentality of constantly desiring more. Advertisements, models and celebrities make it such that we as a culture of excess constantly are wanting the latest and greatest, regardless of whether it is a beauty product, a car, a phone, a computer, or a piece of clothing, and once we have it, it only satisfies this addictive desire or a short period of time before we are left longing for that next high again. Lets face it, whether you like makeup, technology, books, cars, magazines, nail polishes, shoes, jeans, sweaters, or ______, chances are you have fallen victim to American consumerism at one point or another, and while it may have satisfied a need for a moment, two, or ten, you likely went out and bought a similar product not too much later. 

In an effort to try to break the cycle, I stopped looking at makeup products online – one of my favorite procrastination techniques, I stopped going to Target unless I had a specific reason, and if I needed to go, I went with a list, and stuck to it – NO DEVIATING. I wouldn’t go to the drugstore unless I needed to refill my prescriptions. I completely reorganized my makeup collection to see what I actually have, and in this process, I found a lot of really cool things I didn’t know I even had…SHOCKER! Things I was given, things I bought from the outlets, things I had collected over the year I really began to enjoy makeup, or things Influenster had sent me (which has been quite a lot!). Being intentional over the last 20 days has caused me to enjoy what I have, and realize I don’t need as much as I would like, nor do I really need all that I have to be perfectly happy in all honesty. My loves are simple, and I don’t use everything I own everyday, but a bit of variety is nice – variety is the spice of life, after all! 

Now, onto my favorites for the month! 

First, I have fallen madly in love with my Milani Luminoso blush. A peachy “baked blush,” this blush makes this pale chick look perfectly tan, and gives me the right amount of shimmer. I usually hate shimmery products, since they tend to make me look like a glitter fairy, and who really wants to look like a glitter fairy (whatever a glitter fairy is, use your imagination…), but this product is absolutely divine, and I have grown to use it nearly every single day!

My second favorite are my NARS lip glosses in Turkish Delight and Super Orgasm. I’ve had these glosses for a while, and initially, these were definitely a miss. I thought they were sticky, and smelled like plastic (uhh yuck, and definitely NOT worth $25). I also thought the pigmentation of Turkish Delight (a translucent baby pink) was lackluster. So into the back of my lippy drawer it went (yes, I have a lippy drawer). But after watching a few YouTube videos where this kept reappearing, I pulled it out and tried it again, and fell MADLY in love this month, and now I carry it with me daily, either wearing it on its own, or on top of my Hourglass lipsticks (another monthly favorite). They’re non-sticky, lightweight and the scent actually isn’t as assuming as I initially thought. A real win in my book!

Third: Hourglass lipsticks in Edition, Grace and Whisper. These are buttery, smooth and very pigmented lipsticks! They are heavy, which is a downside, but I absolutely love them, and have worn them almost every day. Many do have glitter in them, but the glitter isn’t evident on the lips and definitely isn’t gritty, a real win for me. They are also pretty moisturizing, which I like. The color doesn’t feather, and does last a really long time for a lipstick. However, the lipstick is really soft, and tends to melt in the tube, which weirds me out a little bit. It isn’t a sturdy product, so I worry about carrying it around a whole lot. Plus, the packaging is extremely heavy and bulky. But, that’s all minor compared to my love for the product!

Fourth: Wildflower iPhone cases…I got my iPhone 5s for Christmas, or shortly before, and I love my new Wildflower cases that I got off of amazon.com. Those cases were so worth spending a little bit of money! They are so dang cute!!! A little bit of style and a bit of cuteness! Nuff said!

Fifth: Tree Hut Pomegranate Acai Body Scrub…This body and facial scrub smells like candy, is thick, and very abrasive. I initially bought Rub, Rub Rub from Lush to replace my beloved Ocean Salt Scrub (also Lush), which ran out a while back…and while I love the scent, it isn’t abrasive enough for my tastes. This Tree Hut stuff, however, is INCREDIBLE! Tree Hut is known best for their Coconut Lime scented scrub, which isn’t exactly for me…too lime-scented, not coconut enough, and the blend of those two scents doesn’t work for this chick. This scrub, however, is absolutely perfect, and gets all the dead gross stuff off my legs, makes them soft and just plain smells sour and lovely! A must have, and I would recommend it! Plus, it is only $8, whereas the Lush scrub is over $20…what a rip off in my opinion considering it is thin and runny, not scrub like at all! 


First: The Body Shop Body Butter in Grapefruit. Ok. I loved the moisturizing properties of this product, but I hated how this product smelled hours after I applied it. It smelled sour, like stinky milk sour. Not good grapefruit. I absolutely love grapefruit, but the scent didn’t stay nice and tangy, it got sour and icky. The scent stuck to clothing, to the skin, and seemed to follow wherever I went. Not a fan. Not a fan at all.

Second: L’Occitane Hand Cream in Mango. I loved the scent, but I hated how greasy it was. This winter was murder on my hands, and so I needed something with a bit more umph, but this hand cream just left my hands greasy and yuck, like an oil slick. My hands felt like I had an extra layer of skin on top of them. Usually I would just wash my hands after using it to take it off they felt so yucky. I finished it, not because I loved it, but because the cream was so damn expensive.

Favorite Book: A Fault in Their Stars by John Green

Favorite Artist: Danielle Bradbery (Country, really fresh, although her first album is all covers of other artists, but still, a really great new country artist, so go out and get it from iTunes!) 

Favorite Snack: Double Stuf’ Oreos

Favorite App: A tie between Bloglovin’ (A great App that pulls together different blogs of all different genres and makes them easier to read in one place) and Twitter (duhhh) 

Favorite YouTuber: EleventhGorgeous (https://www.youtube.com/user/eleventhgorgeous)

Lent Posts: 20
Lent Posts Remaining: 20


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