Blog Post: The Lip Product Addict Tag

Well, in all honesty, all you out there know I have a bit of a love for my lippies. In fact, I have a real love, not just a bit. I can’t leave the house without color on my lips, even if I don’t have foundation, eyeshadow and liner on my eyes and face. Lipstick and gloss makes me feel dressed up, even if I’m not really going anywhere, and after the last few years, I love that feeling. On some days, I need that feeling, and it can make the difference between a great day and a just plain, eh day. A bold lippy color can even give me the courage to conquer a really difficult situation some days. 

So on to the tag questions! 

Q1: Favorite balm/treatment?

This one is difficult, because I have a couple of favorites. But the top two are: 

The Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, which is one of my May beauty faves so far, and smells and tastes like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange; it is thick and paste-like and is fantastic for really chapped and scaly lips, like mine! 

Jack Black Intense Lip Balm. My favorite flavor is the Cherry Pomegranate flavor, which was limited edition from the holidays (it came in a 4 pack with a few other great flavors), but I also really like the mint flavor, and have already finished a few of these over the course of this year! It is extremely moisturizing and has SPF in it! 

Q2. Best eye-catching red?

I’m actually not much of a red lip person, but if I were to go for a red lip, I would go for the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in 06 Luscious Cherry. It is a sheer wash of red that is initially sheer, but can be built up to a bold and moisturizing lip balm finish. It is great because it doesn’t feather, and even better yet, it doesn’t get all over your teeth like a lot of reds do (hint hint, MAC’s Russian Red…). I have even worn this on an every day basis, and gotten complements. I highly recommend it! 

Q3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

Best luxury: 

My YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color Balms. They’re not highly rated enough in my opinion. They are $34 each, but they are simply gorgeous, and provide a buildable wash of color on the lips, and depending on the color, can actually be built up to a bold lip color. These are the perfect every day lip colors for me frankly, and are very moisturizing. These might be perfect for people who don’t like lipstick, but want more lasting lip color than a lipgloss can provide. 

Best drugstore: 

-The NYX Lip Glosses (that smell like cherry sweet tarts). They’re definitely hit or miss in terms of formulation, but the glosses in “Beige” (which is actually pink), “Sweet heart,” and “Salsa” are simply divine and extremely pigmented, and while they are a bit gritty feeling (because of the amount of glitter in the formula), they last a very long time on the lips without straying outside lip lines. 

Q4. Best MAC lipstick?

MAC lipsticks were my HG at first when I fell in love with makeup, and how foolish I was; I ran out to my local counter and bought up all the titles that all the gurus on YouTube had, regardless of whether they looked good with my skin tone or not; but as I grew into a better understanding of my likes and dislikes, I began to realize that I REALLY DON’T LIKE MAC LIPSTICKS ONE BIT. I find them waxy, and drying on my lips, and that they aren’t very natural looking on the lips. They just sit on top of my lips, and settle into the fine lines or cracks, or even worse, feather. (And frankly, there are better drugstore options for less than 1/2 the price, especially since the lippies are $16-20 now). 

So, in conclusion, I don’t have a “best MAC lipstick,” because I simply don’t love them. And don’t wear them. Because I dislike them. A heck of a lot in fact. 

Q5. The most disappointing?

I really really wanted to love the Tarte Pure Performance 12-hour Lipsticks. In fact, I bought three of them, in 3 different shades. But they were melty, and feathered on my lips, and were absolutely icky shades. They were earthy, like I rubbed my face in the dirt, rather than vibrant, pretty pinks. It was just horrible. I really wanted to love them. And it made me sad that they weren’t better, especially with a $26 price tag (and now they’re on sale for $16 on Sephora, which makes me even more disappointed). The lasting power also isn’t $26 worth – it usually is gone within an hour, leaving me regretting even putting it on in the first place. Long story short, a huge regret. (actually, three regrets…)

Q6. Liner – yes or no?

Absolutely NOT. Liner just doesn’t work for me, and is one extra step in the morning that I don’t have time for. Plus, it just looks odd on my lips. So no. 

Q7. Best gloss?

My NARS lip glosses – they’re creamy, pigmented, and really nice to wear on their own or on top of a lipstick. I initially didn’t like my NARS gloss in “Turkish Delight,” which is a milky light pink (not too unlike a milky or icy cotton candy pink), because it reeked of a plasticky, chemically, icky scent, and the taste was horrible. And so I put it away for maybe a year. But then I pulled it back out this fall after seeing my favorite YouTube guru talk about how it is one of her favorite glosses to wear and bring along in her purses. And so out it came, and this time, it didn’t smell so bad, and in fact, it seemed to smell sweet. I really am enjoying it so much that I went ahead and purchased two more in “Super Orgasm,” (a shimmery pinkish purple) and “Coeur Sucre” (an icy raspberry pink). They’re wonderful, and worth the price tag.   

Q8. Something extra!

I need to mention my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in “Boy”. Ever since I bought it a while back, I have worn it every day, to interviews, around the house, out to dinner with friends, and just plain to the grocery store. Its that kind of lipstick that is “my lips but better…” – that phrase that all those YouTube Gurus use but is impossible to actually find. Well praise the Lord in heaven, I’ve finally found it. Its glossy, smooth, and moisturizing. And just plain looks great! And it doesn’t drift down toward my chin by the end of the day! Which is great, and not to mention is flattering too. I hate to find lipstick down on my collarbone by the end of the day. Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Well, that’s it for the tag…if you like tag blogs, let me know in the comments below, and if you have any suggestions, tags you’d like me to do, or things you think I need to try out, let me know! Have an amazing week!


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