Blog Post: Thank Yous.

Thank you. 


Thank you to all those who have supported me. Thank you to all who reached out and encouraged me, who called me Child of God, and who told me I was worthy, even when I didn’t feel it. 


Thank you to all who laughed with me, who cried with me, and told me that everything both was…and wasn’t going to be ok. Who not only listened, but truly heard me, and took the time to share my story. 


Thank you to all those who doubted me. Who told me what I felt called to do wasn’t valid, that I don’t belong doing what I love, or that I ought to be doing something else. Your courage, your strength and your fervor for life is a model for mine, despite the fact that we may walk two separate paths – your idea of mine, and the one I walk with the help and grace of God. 


Thank you to all who encouraged me to give up, leave or go home. Home is where the heart is, and my heart, as we all know, gets what it wants despite every best effort. Your desire to challenge me, albeit in a unique way, gave me courage, strength, and in the end, the knowledge that I am more than the sum total of my experiences. s


Thank you to the God who created me, had faith in me, persisted in loving me, and called me to this odd and wondrous thing that is ministry, this thing that I have fallen madly in love with. I will never love anything or anyone as much as I love my God and my calling, and yet, I can’t imagine the growth I will undergo in the future months and years to come. 


There are not enough words to describe the thanks I have for the future, for the presence, and for the past. All are pieces of vast mosaic puzzle called a life of faith, and the journey I walk with God, and with others, who continue to wander it with me. Without  every tear, belly laugh, sorrow, fear and joy, the stitches of my faith fabric might not be quite as colorful, frayed and perfectly imperfect, beautifully made and gorgeously in progress. I cannot wait to see how the Divine Weaver continues to add on, take away, and refine the cloth that is my life in the future – as I depart from Princeton, make transitions, forge new relationships, and work on old ones.


Thanks be to God, and Thank You.


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