Lord, In Your Mercy…A Prayer for a Hurting People

What a week it has been. Churches burned and violated. More people fleeing their native lands for safer territory out of fear, and even in our own country, several children shot in the head by someone they did not know in the presumed safety of their parents’ custody (better question, is there ever a reason for anyone, child or adult to be shot or maimed?). What a week it has been.

With this in mind, and under the purview of the Twelve Blog, I decided to lift up a Prayer for a Hurting People, asking for God’s Grace, for God to hear Our Prayers.

Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.
What a week it has been.
With shootings, deaths, continued uncertainty
and periods of wandering in the desert
with many searching for a more permanent-temporary home,
This week has brought it all.
It has brought the final roll call of brothers in blue,
more raising of arms and words between your sons and daughters,
and even the burning of another one of your gathering places in St. Louis,
a sanctuary for all those in need.
Lord, in your mercy,
hear the cries of your children,
brokenhearted on bended knee.
Merciful father-mother,
Draw close to your creation
Wrap your protecting and guiding arms around it,
As only you know what is just and right in such a time as this.
Give us grace and discernment,
Vision to truth and wisdom,
Words to comfort,
Presence to nurture and cultivate where bonds are broken.
God of the Resurrection,
Hear our prayers for reconciliation and peace.
Soften our hearts to love the beauty in our brothers and sisters,
As we are all created in your image,
And you called each and every one of us Good.
Help us to love gently,
Show mercy first and foremost,
And stand up against injustice.
Lord of Liberation,
Lord who mends broken bodies,
Lord who weeps with his broken and wounded communities,
In your mercy,
Hear our prayers.


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